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At Tim Marks Reptiles, we believe that animal care and customer interaction go hand in hand. We will be with you throughout the whole process, and share our decades of knowledge of keeping this beautiful species with you. From gorgeous well-kept animals, to the right habitats in which to keep them, to in-depth knowledge, see why Tim Marks Reptiles is the ultimate in unique reptiles.


Tim Marks

Founder TM.R

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Tim's passion for animals started as a child and has carried throughout his entire life and career. After years of keeping and breeding a variety of reptile species, especially those from Madagascar, Tim decided to take his passion for hobby breeding to the next level and share these amazing species with the world.

Hillary Carrigan

Co-Founder TM.R

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Hillary has had a lifelong lover for every animal there is. From birds, fish, and mammals to Iguanas, Tegus, and just about any other cold-blooded creature you can imagine, Hillary has taken care of them all. Starting TM.R with Tim has allowed her to take her passion of animal keeping and share it with other people who love unique species.



Environmentally controlled, with all 5 parameters of reptile care automated, both Tim and Hillary's Reptile Labs are designed with one thing in mind: The absolute best in animal care.

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