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Shipping Policy

Shipping of animals, especially ones like Satanic Leaf Tailed Geckos and Carpet Chameleons, is much more involved and delicate than the shipping of nearly anything else, and we pride ourselves on making sure to provide the absolute best shipping of all of our animals.  We pride ourselves as the breeders of these unique reptiles to provide the utmost care until they're in your hands. Our shipping policy is straightforward: we charge $50 flat-rate for the shipping of any live animal. This covers the cost of materials, time, and of course the overnight shipping itself. 

How our shipping works

1. We confirm the weather conditions wherever you are having the animals shipped

2. We contact you to determine the nearest FedEx shipping location to you. We onlyto ship to FedEx Ship Center locations to ensure the speedy delviery of your animal.

3. Depending on the weather in both your location and ours, we provide hot or cool packs at no additonal charge to maintain enviromentally appropriate conditions for your animal.
4. In working with you, we determine the best date for shipping and arrival for prompt pickup

5. We ship your new animal to you so that it can enjoy it's new home! Of course, we also provide a tracking number to ensure you can see exactly when it arrives!

Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee that your animal was incredibly well cared for prior to shipping, and we DO NOT ship unhealthy animals. We also guarantee that the shipping methods we use are tried and true, and conform to FedEx Live Animal Shipping standards, and shouldn't cause any issues with animal health.

However, if in the VERY unlikely chance that your animal does not survive the shipping process, we offer a full refund on the cost of the animal.


Live Arrival Guarantee Steps:

1. Animal must be picked up from the FedEx Ship Center within 4 hours of delivery

2. Should the animal arrive deceased, you must provide a photo of the animal in the shipping box to determine why the shipment failed

3. Reach out within 24 hours with the photo of the animal to start the refund process

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